Textual Adaptation of Umberto Eco's the Open Work


Eco Movement said the work to the reader


my spacio-temporal continuum

be part of me, 

                              embrace me,                                                                                 

rethink me,

It makes a Différance,  

incomplete without your cognitive process

Look at me,           from outer space,

out your car window, from the sidewalk

the office tower

from wherever you are, whenever you are,

                                                                           how-ever you are.          Essential eternity


different etymological roots tie knots of sub meanings

Defamiliarization as extractor   

Throw the dice    

                gamble this multi logic currency

No foreseen conclusions,    live inthe now, polymorphous, 

Drive this pedagogic car with me

Intellectual currents circulate   imperceptibly

Perceptive fusion through occlusions

As cognition breaths, there is no end…