Bursting Bubbles

Coenesthesia showed with Bursting Bubbles, the art show associated with the Rendezvous with Madness Film Festival. Art Toronto wrote a bit about it:

Nestled in a simple cube of a room, Coenesthesia takes the interactive component of a VR experience a step further. I was greeted by an attendant who instructed me to stick on electrodes onto my body (like an EKG test). Once I connected to the electrodes and the headset, I was instructed to face the fuzzy ball on the floor (another piece called Frisson Portal which visitors are encouraged to hug!), after which I was promptly plunged into Coenesthesia’s universe.

It’s quite hard to describe everything in this universe. Massive planet-like objects float in outer space, surrounded by an even more massive ring made up of waves. I put my arms out and twist it in order to fly forward, and the first stop I make is to the red heart that is beating to the beat of my own heart, due to the electrodes. I fly into the heart, which is so giant it envelops me whole, and watch and hear my own heart beat – in my own heart. It’s an indescribably surreal sensation – to be outside and inside my heart at the same time. Embodied by my own heart, the extension of my body becomes hazy.

I fly through the other objects. Some are vague spheres of moving water, some are abstract shapes. There’s even a brain I can fly through. If not for the motion sickness and tired arms, I would have explored this universe for hours. In this universe, I am simultaneously my original physical body, a fellow planet, and a soaring star. Fragmentation in the most intriguing sense.

Sunny Kim

Thanks to everyone who made it out to see my biometric VR experience at Gamma Space! Extra thanks to the Ontario Arts Council, DamesMakingGames, Workman Arts and Trinity Square Video for their support in making this happen!

Claudette Abrams did an amazing job currating the show which also showed amazing work from Laura Kikauka, Kat Singer, Stephanie Avery, Janieta Eyre, Hanan Hazine, and Wendy Lu.